New in Digital Cash Book* 4.0.2 (30 Aug 2016)

  • Dev: "Search doubles" has been added in the Search Closed Bookings menu (Reports). This enables the user to search for duplicate bookings which may have been accidentally imported and closed twice. See the interactive manual (Quick Guide).
  • Feature: Some new booking videos have been added to the interactive manual and, in a few cases, to the website.
  • Feature: The interactive manual Quick Guide has been updated.
  • Tweak: The Budget v. Actual tool has been moved to 'Reports'.
  • Fix: An issue with spender selection in Split Bookings has been resolved.

New in Digital Cash Book* 4.0.1 (30 Jun 2016)

  • Dev: New function in Bank Import Wizard. From now on, if you select a sub-expense from the drop-down list which has no "BM" suffix, you can tick the new box "Add to Budget Planner". This will then add the sub-expense to the Budget Planner and Budget v. Actual. [BM= Budget Manager].

Note: Older release notes are no longer available.